First Day Back

Today was the official first day of University and I an now in Year 2 of Animation. In the lecture we were introduced to our first module “Creative Strategies”

This module will help us develop the creative and technical requirements to individual interest areas. On completion, we will have refined our understanding of the creative and technical requirements of design for interaction and animation preparing us to progress confidently to more complex creative and technical issues. Throughout this project we will be thinking of our quality of work and reflected, giving evidence through documentations on our blogs.

A brief overview of topics this semester

  • Week 1 – Induction
  • Week 2 – Assignment One: Creative Development
  • Week 3 – Animation Methods | Animation Techniques and workshop
  • Week 4 – Formative Feedback on Animations | Modeling Techniques
  • Week 5 – Texture design & UV techniques for 3D animation| UV Mapping
  • Week 6 – Presentation: Modeling Project | Blog & team assessment submission | Peer Review
  • Week 7 – Assignment Two: BBC Archive Short | Visit from the BBC
  • Week 8 – Project Treatment submission | Short film design
  • Week 9 – Digital Sculpture | Sculpture for 3D animation & the future of 3D modeling
  • Week 10 – Lighting and rendering | Arnold Renderer
  • Week 11 – Live action & CG compositing |
  • Week 12 – Presentation on current project. | Live action & CG compositing

Task 1 

For our upcoming assignment we will be looking at walk cycles using a 3D model in Maya. The  ready Rigged models have been provided by our Tutor Alec who had required them from Joe Daniels. For practice using the rigs we have been given a fun task to pose them in a super hero pose for next class.






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