Scene Narrative – Ideas

Part 2 of creative strategies is to model an interior/ environment scene that has a narrative. The main objective of this task is to model and have UV Mapping. In a team of four there is myself, Rebecca Thompson, Kristina Stankyte and Robert Caldwell. We have been looking at alot of different scenes that have no people but still hold a story or narrative. We wanted to look at scenes from past  times that would involve some research into that time period. It will give it more interest and creativity if we look at objects no longer used or seen in present time.


We all came up with really interesting ideas for the modelled scene. One concept was of a Pirate Ship  – Captains cabin. We liked this idea because there is alot of objects that we could add to the scene that would relate to the narrative. For example, it could be a ship wreck. Objects have been shewn everywhere, broken wood and glass. Treasure chests have exploded and jewels have scattered. Or it could be have been abandoned, with the aftermath of pilgrims scavenging, or it could still be in use. Depending on the wealth of the captain their cabin could be luxurious, with fine drapes, pillows, armchairs and a grand wooden desk with golden trinkets and objects from their travels. It could be owned by a more criminal pirate that murders for gold. Their cabin could have bones, weapons, half eaten food or broken and battered furniture from when they have lost their temper. I personally like this one from the endless possibilities we could include. No matter what we chose the narrative will always be clear.

I had a look at some concept art and I came across a few that has different ideas we could include. Also the lighting of the room could be experimented with. I like the idea of the bright moonlight shinning in through the window or fine drapes. The reflections of the sea water could give it a shimmering glow.

pirate-cabinImage link  [Accessed 5 Oct. 2016]


Image Link [Accessed 5 Oct. 2016]

Another idea was a Scientific laboratory. Again this could be go down so many different routes. It could be futuristic, government funded with high tech equipment. Or it could be an illegal laboratory hidden in a basement underground with equipment made from anything they can get their hands on doing horrible experimentations, head in jars etc. It can be more alien based, with giant, green liquid containers that held some strange creature. Or (my personally favourite) a Frankenstein look  with that big table with straps to hold the victims down. Again this idea has unlimited possibliltes of what type of condition the lab is in, what the equipment is like, old, new, destroyed? Can you tell at first glance what has happened in the lab? Has there been some sort of break out from the experiment creatures, is there blood and gore from a struggle.


Image Link  [Accessed 5 Oct. 2016]


Image Link [Accessed 5 Oct. 2016]

Another idea was a Travelling Fortune Tellers Tent. There are different types of people that claim they have physic abilities and earn a living out of telling fortunes. We looked at the travellers from medieval times that would have travellers on cabins with a circus or just with a group. The tent would have all sorts of trinkets from their travels and things that help them work their magic. Cushions, curtain drapes, crystal balls, dream catchers, candles, burning essence and other objects that would give it a mysterious feel.


Image Link  [Accessed 5 Oct. 2016]

Another idea we discussed was a Medieval Battle Tent where a General or even a King would go to discuss their army’s position in battle.  This would be interesting to research as we would look at a certain time period and study their armour, weapons and fighting style. The tent could have the table where the map of their battalion positions are shown. Rebecca came across this amazing artwork showing the tents set up before battle.


Image Link   [Accessed 5 Oct. 2016]


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