Naill Carlin – Double Jump

Today we had a talk from Naill Carlin who is the owner of Double Jump. Double Jump is based in Belfast and is a Motion Graphics company. They take client jobs and work using the likes of:

  • 3D Animation
  • Visual Effects
  • Video Production
  • Motion Graphics

Below is the showreel for Double Jump:

Naill Carlin talks  about how we are the lucky generation because we have so many things that the last generation did not, such as the internet and software. The likes of cameras, design and 3D software, computers and other equipment is not hard to come by now. This can make it difficult for people to stand out as everyone has the same equipment. What we have to think about is that anything is possible and that we must keep trying to think of something different and what has never been done before, be original.

Learn the Hard ship – take the time to learn skills. You need someone that you look up to and compare you work with. Try and get to their high level of work.

Practice everyday! Ask for critique from other people and be comfortable with showing your work, then you can move forward. Criticism is good, if you cant hack it it isn’t the job for you.


Employers will need their stuff by a certain time. Deadlines are serious in the industry, if you can not make the deadline you will let them down. This would go against your reputation and you will lose clients. Time management is very important to follow in every project, especially when working in teams to make sure everyone is up to date. In a business time is money.

Always ask WHY not HOW 

If you ask how something is done you will only see how that particular thing was done. IF you ask why you will actually learn the reason behind it and better understand it, then you can add you own print to it.

Don’t be the best 

If you are the best or more skilled in the project or company you will find yourself not learning more things. You need to be able to constantly learn more and sometimes you need to go to different places and learn new skills from different people. Put yourself in intelligent places to learn.


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