Walk Cycle – Second attempt

So I finally think I’m getting the hang of the timing of poses and positions. At first I was really overwhelmed with so many points and key frames but now I’m beginning to understand it. Below is my second attempt. I can definitely see the difference between this one and the last. The legs are alot better (though I think they can be smoother) and are not clicking just as much. Looking at the finished video I am noticing that the hips are not swaying quite right in regards to the shoulders. The last attempt was a male model and this one was a female, so I should have taken that more in to consideration. At this point I am just trying to make a ‘normal’ walk. Once I am more confident I will animate more characteristics to the model. In this attempt I played abit more with the arms and hands swaying aswell as giving more movement into the shoulders. For my next attempt I am going to moving the toes aswell as the feet to make it more fluid and realistic.


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