Run Cycle – First Attempt

So after doing several walk cycles I thought I would change it up abit and try a run. I found that position of poses and timing where completely different and it took me a while to get the legs correct. As I was doing this, to make it easier I made the timing slow, then speed it up when I was finished. Using the references from the Survival Guide book and watching athletes run I made my first attempt at making Jack run.

(its a little jumpy as I pasted the keys together carelessly)

I posted this video onto Facebook and asked my fellow class mates on some feedback before I tried another attempt. Several people noticed that the arms seemed stiff and was not in sync with the legs. I think this is because  I animated it in slow mo and I didn’t judge it correctly. Rosie suggested that the back should be more bent on the down pose. Rebecca advised that there should be more weight on the legs coming down. I am finding this a little difficult to achieve with all of my attempts and I will be asking Alec for advice in the next lecture. So for my next attempt I will concentrate on getting the motion of the arms correct and also bringing weight into the movement.



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