Walk Cycle – Third attempt

After the last attempt I asked Alec Parkin for some feedback. He said that it looked abit floaty so I should think about the weight of  the body when it comes on the down leg. Also he thought the leg was going too far back on the out step. He also mentioned the popping and advised that I should go back frame by frame to fix them at the end when everything else is positioned. The reference I used was very exaggerated for a cartoon so he showed me some realistic poses to use.

In my next attempt I took the feedback into consideration and made the steps more realistic. I have made the walk a little exaggerated. The model Jill walks with a sway, rolling her hips and shoulders like a cat walk model would. Also I gave her hands a swaying motion, going infront of her body when at the front. I wanted to study the way the shoulders and the hips move together.


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