Scene Model – Pirate Research

After our team decided on doing a Pirate Captains cabin we had to first decide on what era to research. We began by looking at the the Golden Age of piracy. This is during the time of 1650s to the 1730s. We wanted to look at an era where we could explore that time period and learn what type of objects and equipment they used. Researching this would make our scene accurate to that time, (not having anything that did now exist yet) Also it would be interesting to see what things looked like back then.

We decided to do the earliest pirates of the golden age, which was the Buccaneers of the Caribbean. These pirates where semi-lawful. They were sailors and soldiers who attacked Spanish ships and ports. Most considered themselves privateers and sailed under the protection of a Letter of Marque granted by British, French or Dutch authorities. Some where not completely lawful and took this letter as a scape goat to justify their actions. After some time the Buccaneer pirates made a bad reputation for themselves, making most people surrendering straight away in fear of being killed. They did not only steal gold from ships but also the likes of silk, alcohol, tobacco and even slaves. Like all types of pirates there were some more  merciful and righteous than others.

Robert came across a book “Under the black flag”, by Don C. Seitz. This book contains general history of pirates and describes how they were not all villainous thieves. Some where considers rather heroic (Robinhood Character).

We came across this website: . It gives so much information on the different eras of pirates. Pirates have been around for centuries and had changing methods and equipment. Looking at the Buccaneer pirates will help us narrow it down to their era.

  • Reference: [Accessed 10th Oct.2016]
  • Reference: [Accessed 10th Oct.2016]
  • Seitz, D. (1925). Under the black flag. New York: L. MacVeagh, The Dial press.y

Pirates of the Caribbean 

Probably the most popular pirate movie/ books of all time, Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean. Watching these movies will be great for reference and inspiration. They are set  in the time of the buccaneer pirates so we can look at what they had in their captains cabin. We looked at the scene when Elizabeth is kidnapped by Captian barbossa and she is eating dinner. Around her is several objects that we could have in our scene

  • Candles
  • Golden Goblets
  • Plates
  • Glass jugs
  • Lanterns
  • Barrels
  • weapons

Assassins Creed 4

This game has also been set in the Buccaneers era of the Caribbean. Looking at this game would be great as we can have the character walk around the ship and really explore the surroundings. We can see just how much research the makers if this game went through to achieve this.

Another benefit to looking at this game is that it gives a various number of weapons from that time period. We could use some of these for reference when modelling.

Captain Hook 

The Pirates (2012) 

Concept art 

Had a look at some other Artist concept art on a pirate ship to get some more inspiration. The first image is of another model though it is very dark. I really like the windows. I also like the way the table and chairs are up on a higher platform, showing the Captains authority when someone else is in the room. I also like how their is only one chair so anyone else would have to stand.


Image link [Accessed 10th Oct. 2016]

I liked this concept for the different items it had, even though our captains cabin will be a little more luxurious. The barrels, lanterns and weapons lying around could be included. I also like the idea of having a weighing scale for all gold coins.

Image link  [Accessed 10th Oct. 2016]

There is alot of items in this concept that I absolutely love. The large globe would definitely be in the captains room for when he is planning his ship routes, awell as a compass. The quill and paper or scrolls would look great on the desk. I can see crates and bookcase/ shelves that we could do.

3.jpgImage link [Accessed 10th Oct. 2016]

Rebecca came across this really lovely style. This is a concept piece that an artist has created for a reference to model. It has everything in it that you would expect in a pirate ship. I really like the way the windows bend in the shape of the front of t he shape. It has almost a gothic feel to it.


Image Link  [Accessed 10th Oct. 2016]

Rebecca made this concept for our scene and did a quick sketch on what way it could be laid out and what would be in it.



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