For part two of creative strategies we have to animate an action using the rigged models. It must show the use of weight and timing aswell as correct poses of the action. I looked at last years students work and seen the different actions they used. People had a character standing up or jumping. Alec showed a good example of the character jumping from a tall object to the ground. He looked at the acceleration and trajectory of the model and how far he would jump our from the tall object. Then he would have to think of the weight when he lands, how the pose would be effected from the height he jumped from aswell as the speed.

For inspiration I had a look at several examples. The video below discusses how to create a strong character pose. He talks of the line of action and how it would draw attention to something or is pleasing to the eye. It would describe an action happening or about to. It gives an example of a character throwing a ball. Having a strong curved line when the character throws the ball, the line of action will follow his body through. Something else that is important is silhouetting. When character is in a good pose, if it is silhouetted the audience can still see what is happening. This is because people tend to see the outline of a character first before looking at the detail. The angle of the character must also be considered so that the audience can read what is going on. Weight and balance gives a more realistic pose, instead of too straight and stiff. When using weight and balance it is important to think of the balance of the person, that they are not standing in a way that they could fall over. An audience could pick up on this and see that something is not right.

I came across this short film a few years back and I was really impressed by the movements and actions of the character. The use of timing and speed made the whole animation exciting to watch. Looking back at it now I can see the different poses and line of action when the character is moving. He does some really cool jumps and flips and the use of weight when he lands. I might consider doing something similar to the jumps the character does off a building, something like Alec had suggested.

This is a cool animation. It has two actions going on with one character being chased by a dragon. The man is doing parkour, jumping from building to building to escape. The timing has been used well with the actions of both the man and the dragon, like he ducks or rolls the same moment the dragon swoops down. There was some good jumps in this video. One particular I liked when he landed with one arm on the ground taking the weight and the other outstretched to the side. There was a good bounce motion on the arm that is outstretched. If you want to check it out it is 20 seconds into the video.


I really liked watching this video below because I could clearly see where the characters limbs where at any time because of the colouring of the model. It has really good jumps and strong poses throughout. I particularly liked the ending running and jump. He is about to do a twisted twirl in the air, so he turns to the side to gather momentum and balance as he runs, ready for the jump.


I looked at some gymnastic moves aswell to see if I can recreate their flexibility. I came across this girl doing really cool flips on a trampoline, even slowing it down or showing it in reverse.


Attempt Fail 

I had made an attempt at a gymnastic doing a back flip on a beam and landing in a hand stand split. As I was doing it I found the waist Rig completely left the body and I was unable to move the model back to standing position. I got a little frustrated with it and gave up, decided  to do something else instead.


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