Greg Maguire

In our lecture today Greg gave us a talk about his experiences throughout the years in the industry and the projects he has worked on.

After high school Greg studied Foundation Art in Rupert Stanley College then went on to do BA Hons Design in the University of Ulster. After uni he did placement in DBA (David Barker) Television where he did their invoices and created front covers for them. He also got into doing poster boarding. After working on some commercials and poster boarding he decided he wanted to do more.

After making his first showreel he applied for a job in Don Bluth in Dublin where he worked for four years. He worked on the likes of Tron and Thumbalina.  He then went to work in Colossal Pictures in San Francisco. He was then head hunted to work  in Walt Disney Feature Animation in Los Angeles as a Technical adviser and worked Dinosaurs (2000)

He worked on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, working on the dementors and their floating robes. They did alot of underwater experiments with cloth floating, then have the recording go back and forth. The brief for their robes was that it was also searching for the victim aswell as the creature.

Lucasfilm Animation– Skywalker Ranch- Singapore

He made his own company called Zoogloo and created animations like Happy feet, Where the Wild Things Are and Thundercats. He worked here for two years but found handling finances difficult. After two years he went back to ILM Industrial Light and Magic and worked on Avatar.

He has now started another company here in Belfast


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