What makes a good showreel?

A task was given to us to look at different animations. We were asked to look at some good showreels and explain what makes then good. We also had to find a showreel we think is bad and why.

So the first thing I wanted to do its discover what exactly makes a good Showreel and what potential employers look for. A studio would receive alot of entries everyday. The people looking at the showreels would decided in the first few minutes if they think you have the talent for the job. There would be alot of cases were they don’t even watch the whole video. Greg had told us this in our last lecture and stressed the importance of putting your best work FIRST. When looking at different showreels I will watch from start to finish and decide if that is what these people have done.

Editing the Showreel. When showing your work it is important to keep it short and sweet. Editing your work in a way that makes the video interesting for the viewer is important to keep their attention. You do not want an animation going for a few minutes (especially if it is not your best work).

  • Start and end well
  • Think of it as an advert
  • Match your reel to the agency or position you are applying to
  • Make your role clear
  • Show your workings. What exactly you did in your work
  • Keep things simple

Reference: http://www.creativebloq.com

My opinion for good showreels:

This showreel had amazing work. They began by showing their concept art before showing the compositing. It is from the same project and really flows together well. They have their contact details and shows exactly what they done. Stunning art work.

This showreel is from an animation company ‘BlueZoo’. When I watched this showreel I was immediately attracted to it. The music is fun and fast just like the animation and the speed of the editing. The  animation is also in time with the music. They have cut their scenes in a way that keeps the audience watching and interest. It is also funny and uplifting, showing the theme of their animations and audience.

This I thought this showreel was good. He states at the very beginning that he does lighting and liquid simulations. The editing at the beginning is quick and it is obvious it is his best work first. Near the end of the video it starts to go slower, showing how he has exactly make some of the simulations. I think he has taken into account that the viewer will be busy looks at so many other showreels so it is important that the first few seconds are quick and straight to the point. If they feel he is talented enough they can watch on to see how he does his work in more detail. The music also keeps it interesting and in time with the editing.

Not so good showreel:

This one I was torn with. I like the way they she has stated what she does and gives contact details. But I don’t believe she has put her best work first. Also the editing could have been a little faster or more choppy to show interest. The very ending scene seemed like her best work. She even has it on her logo at the very end. I think she could have perhaps put it first.


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