Story Telling

So I tried writing a little story to help with visualising what a pirate ship cabin would have. I find this helps me alot and as  I write I come up with new ideas of objects and things I wouldn’t have thought of.

It was almost midnight, the moon covered by thick clouds creating a blanket of darkness. The soft creak of the wooden deck was drowned out by the gargled snores of the crew mate. A woman crept past the sleeping pirate who had quickly forgotten his responsibility as look out, accepting a jug of rum without much persuading. The drug took mere minutes to incapacitate him, leaving the drunken fool slumped in a puddle of his own vomit. The sounds of the rest of the crew could be heard laughing, squabbling and cheering from the distant town. The woman launched up the few steps past the helm and headed towards a door, grasping the handle with one hand and wedging a key into the hole with the other. The cabin door opened with a high pitched squeal which had the woman grit her teeth, glancing back at the drugged pirate, but he remained unmoving. She released a breath and silently stepped inside, the door closing with a snap.
The woman stood in the center of the Captain’s Cabin, her eyes scanning the room. A few candles were lit, the small flickering flames allowing her to see. On a higher platform at the back of the room stood a huge table. Its wood was a deep mahogany, hand carved with swirls that resembled that of a stormy sea. An arm chair sat behind it, sharing the same carvings with leather cushions of deep red. On top of the table was an array of scrolls, maps, candles, weapons, a compass and a few gold coins. Directly behind the chair was a huge window, taking up the entirety of the back wall. The window had wooden square panels with stained glass, looking out towards the distant town. Beside the desk stood a huge globe held up by a golden frame, its face covered in ink crosses, lines of dotes and arrows. Most likely marking out their journey or planning the next one. Several barrels scattered the room, the woman glancing in each only for a moment. Materials such as silk, cotton, and canvas aswell as tobacco and rum. The décor of the room showed the wealth of these pirates, the Captain keeping souvenirs from their long journeys at sea. Drapes hung from the window and walls of deep purple and reds, decorated with golden thread. They were much too long for the cabin walls and spilled onto the floor. The woman’s eyes lingered on a small golden chest, the lid opened and contents on show. Pieces of eight, diamonds and pearls glinted inside, but she continued her search. She would not waste this chance.
Just as she looked over some fine cut whiskey glasses, she spotted it. A silver cigar case with carvings of a tentacled sea creature sat in between some well-worn books, as if merely discarded without a care. Her hand swept towards the case just as a voice growled from the door way, the unmistakable sound of steel singing as a sword was drawn.
“You have ten seconds to tell me why you are in here?” a deep, husky voice demanded. The woman kept her back straight, her hand continuing towards the whiskey glass and poured herself the foul liquid. She knew the only reason she was still alive was because she was a woman. A woman who had dressed in finery, her dress encrusted in jewels and her hair bonded in tight curls and wrapped high on her head. A woman who had met the Captain several times before, only subtle glances and a grazing hand on his shoulder as she past. Twice the Captain had stood to follow her, but she had disappeared before he had the chance to pursue. It was enough for him to hesitate, to ponder before driving the sword through her gut. The woman slowly turned as she schooled her face into calm and innocence.
“I have been waiting for you,” she drawled, stepping towards the Pirate Captain still standing in the doorway. Her discovery of the cigar case had shocked her enough that she did not hear the creak of the door as it opened, but it did not matter. Her dress whistled on the rug as she bent into a low curtsy, her face tilted towards the Captain with hooded eyes. The Captain cocked his head to the side, his sword slightly lowered in recognition.
“How did you get in here?” he asked, sheathing his sword and taking a step further into the room.
“The door was opened,” she shrugged, taking a sip of the whiskey. The Captains eyes quickly glanced towards the small treasure chest. The woman chuckled, “and what would I need with such silly trinkets”. She gestured towards her own jewels and walked towards the Captain, swaying slightly. The Captains eyes fell on the whiskey glass and he smirked, “If you wanted a tour, you needed to only ask.”
“I am awfully shy,” the woman replied, forcing a slight slur to her words. She took another swing at the glass and emptied the contents, not needing to fake the grimace on her face. She took a step towards the Captain and stumbled, tripping over her dress. Strong arms grabbed her waist just as the floor rushed towards her, pulling her upright.
“Oh how embarrassing,” she blushed, fussing over her hair, “I think perhaps I should leave.”
“Nonsense, I insist that you stay,” the Captain said, his hands still around the woman’s waist, their faces close. At that moment there was a boom of gunfire and shouts from the distance. The Captain cursed and released the woman. He walked towards the window to look out at the commotion. The woman took this as her opportunity and headed towards the door, still swaying in her drunken persona.
“Perhaps another time,” she said. The Captains reply was a grunt as he gathered weapons, a woman forgotten in the mists of a possible fight. She slipped out of the door and glided down the steps, taking two at a time. As soon as she left the docks and into the alleys her elegant sway turned into a swagger, her bonded hair was released around her shoulders and the outer layer of her dress was discarded. The distant gun shots and yelling was nothing compared to the roar of rage that rang out from the Pirate ship, echoing around the woman as she walked away with the contents of the cigar case


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