Today Alec took the time to go around everyone and look at their walk cycles and action and give feedback. He looked at my walk and give me suggestions for slight adjustments. When I have bent the toe I have used the ‘raise toe’ option in the foot rig which also moves the angle. He suggested using the actually rig for the toe rather than the foot. It bends the toe more without making must difference on the leg. He also suggested the model should be going down more on the down pose. He thought the arms could have a little more follow through in their movement and the head to have better timing. The rotations of the shoulders and hips looked fine.

With these suggestion I went back and did some tweaking with the model. I took all the key frames off the raised toe foot rig, and used the toe rig instead. I had to adjust the legs after doing this as the ankle did not need to be rotated as much and the leg was too bent. I also changed the down pose to be lower and adjusted the head. Below is a video of what I have  so far. I think it is almost completely, perhaps a slight more adjusting on the head sway as she walks.

Alec had a look at the jump action. He thought the jump off worked well, showing weight as the body is pushed of the ledge. He advised that the arms should be different from eachother to look more natural. The timing of the fall could also be slightly faster just before he lands. I haven’t finished the landing at this stage, but he suggested that the model is bent further as he loses balance, using his arms to catch himself. The video below is what I have got so far.


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