The Jump

After looking at different videos of Parkour I thought I would give a jump from one building to another a go. Most of  the videos I saw did a run and jump but I wanted my model to jump of the building from the same position, this is so that I can show weight and momentum when the body is pushed of the ledge by the legs and body weight.

At the beginning I used the Stepped animation to help with the poses and the timing. (At this point I have not yet animated the hands or shoulders). I posed the model in a standing upright position to start with, then had him crouching low, legs bent and arms extending backwards. The reason for this pose is for when the body jumps forward, the arms will also swing forward throwing him off balance. The leg muscles will pounce straight, projecting the body out away from the building.

The image below is the next pose, after the body has pushed himself off the ledge. The legs are completely straight, giving as much push as possible. The arms are also straight out. The hips have been rolled back slightly aswell as the back and chest. I think I could probably give the character more bend in this pose now that I am looking at the image again. When the body begins its descent the legs are pulled forward and  the back and hips are rotated inwards. This is so that the body can straighten itself out in time ready for impact.


During the descent the body starts to straighten out. The legs and back are still slightly bent, to help absorb impact


When the body hits the ground I wanted the model to lose balance (it was a very high jump). After his feet hit the ground he would throw his arms forward to catch him and the back to bend. The shoulders would be rotated forward aswell. Once the model has balanced himself he will push off the ground into standing position.




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