Lecture -Walk cycle issues

After giving feedback to the whole class, in today’s lecture Alec looked at some issues alot of people were having with the walk cycle. He found that the feet and hips were a problem with some people and he did an example on how to do it and what to consider. Things to remember with the feet and hips:

  • Ensure that both feet are on the ground on the contact pose.
  • Use the toe rig to bend the foot when it is back, not the foot/ankle.
  • Ensure the legs are slightly bent and not straight out (which causes the click).
  • When the pose is at the high, make sure the legs do not go straight.
  • Make sure the hips do not rotate to much going back, it would look like the body would go off balance.
  • When the feet are on the ground make sure they stay at the same level (Look at the graph editor to help with this).

He then looked at the arm swing and how to make it more natural. He used follow through action and overlapping animation to make the arm and hand more fluid. To get this, have the wrist rotate forward and back during the motion of the arm. Make the wrist move slightly after the elbow and shoulder, giving it a dragging action. Off setting the timing of the elbow to the arm also helps to achieve this look. Alec looked at the difference in IK and FK which changes the Rigs of the model. He also looked at how the head should bob slightly when the body is moving up and down. To have a natural look the head would slightly be off set from the body, making a dragging motion. It can vary depending on how the person is walking and what they are looking at.

The scenes

Alec suggested looking at https://sketchfab.com/ to get some inspiration when modelling our scenes. It is a free website that has other artist work. It also has an option to look at different faces if it is a 3d model, so you can see it without light or texture.




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