Research – Website Portfolios

What makes a good Website

People have website portfolios for different reasons. They could be a freelancer, who needs to showcase work and provide contact details. A student who is looking for a job and wants to show their potential employer what they can do. Or it could be part of a studio, using a website to blog about your work and building up online presence.

“A personal portfolio website is all about promoting you. You are a brand, and your name is a brand name. No one is going to know about your brand unless you get it out there.” Lee Munroe -Smashing Magazine.

Below is a list that could potentially help make a website better in promoting your work and getting successful job opportunity.

  • Logo
  • Tagline (short and sweet to state what you do)
  • Portfolio
  • Services (what you can do)
  •  About (experiences etc)
  • Contact details

Reference: [Accessed 19th Oct.2016]

We were given a task to look at different websites and pick out some good and bad, discussing why.


Examples of Good Websites

Really like the layout of this website and the way it scrolls down over the images. The images are clickable and have a rollover feature. It is easy to navigate and has all the information needed for a potential employer. It is simple and plain yet their art work brings in the colour and style.



This is a website from an experienced artist Anne Yang. Her website is simple and easy to navigate. It shows her work including some breakdowns and concepts. She has included contact details aswell as her resume.


I looked for this website after seeing their show reel in an earlier task. I really liked their work so I typed in the name on Google and found their website. It ticks all the boxes. They have a logo, which is in several places including the showreel. They have a tagline and on the first page their is information about who they are and what they do. Their is good navigation throughout the whole site and is clear ( not too cluttered) . They also have contact details to all their social media website aswell as email. Not only that their work is stunning and has been showcased on every page.



Examples of Bad Websites

This website was a little disappointing after watching their showreel on Vimeo. They are a really talented animator but their website does not reflect that. The website does not have a logo (unless you included the styled title/name). They do have their contact details but that is about it. There are no navigational buttons to other pages that would show other work or even a breakdown on the showreel (which was not included in the video).  A potential employer would not be able to determine what way this person works, what other qualities they have and if they are suitable for the job.



This website is so disappointing after watching the showreel. The style of their work give me a sense that they take pride in presentation and work with bright,eye catching styles and colours. Their website looks like it has been thrown together. Their is no containers (so everything floats left). Their is very little information on each page, in fact they should have put it all in one. (the contact page his two lines!).  It looks so bare and off putting.





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