Researching Gerard Dunleavy

Update: Skype call never happened because Gerard was unwell. Hopefully he will arrange another time, would be interesting to hear what he has to say.

In our next Lecture we will be getting a Skype call from Gerard Dunleavy, a professional Concept artist and Matte Painter. We will have the opportunity to ask him questions on his projects and his experiences. So before we have the talk we need to know a little bit about him and prepare questions.


So the first thing I wanted to know was what exactly is Matte Painting???

“A digital matte artist, or digital matte painter (DMP), is today’s modern form of a traditional matte painter in the entertainment industry. He or she digitally paints photo-realistic interior and exterior environments that could not have been otherwise created or visited.” wikipedia Reference 

Video below gives breakdowns on Matte Painting I could not find Gerard Dunleavy’s showreel to see his breakdowns which would have been interesting.

I had seen some of his art work on his website and thought they looked modelled. Turns out he digitally painted them! These are insanely good.



He has worked on alot of well known movies such as Thor and Godzilla. He has also worked on adverts like SKY and Honda and Virgin Atlantic. He is a extremely talented artist. In the Skype call I think I would like to know his back story and how he got into doing concept art. What sort of inspirations he had with other artists when he was younger and how long exactly has he been doing digital art. I may ask him if he has ever done traditional Matte painting ( painting on glass) and what he thinks of the difference. Other questions could be if he prefers working in a movie environment or adverts.


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