UV Mapping Lecture

In the lecture today Alec looked at one of his models of a human and showed us how to UV map the arm and hand. He explained how he normally uses UV planar, working with a flat image. When mapping a character with limbs think about seperating them off in cylinders. For the arm he used Cylindrical as the arm is a cylinder shape. He can then unfold the map so that it is a flat image (below).

An issue that we have to fix is the seam of the map, which is the edge. Seams are normally hidden somewhere that can not be seen, e.g below the hair line or on the back, facing away from the camera. For this example the seam was on the top of the arm, Alec wanted it along the bottom. To fix this he selected the edges he wanted the seam on and went to uv editor – polygons – cut uv edges (or shift and right mouse to find it in menu). Then you have to stitch the two edges on either side together by going to the menu and Sew UV Egdes.

In the editor you can go to Image – Dim image – to darken the background or Image – shade uv – help see the uv. In the options keep image width/ height ratio always ticked. if the uv is pink instead of purple it means there is faces facing the wrong way. highlight the vertices and unfold t o fix this


I was working on a model for our scene and decided to try and UV the Leg of a table. I used the same method Alec had shown us. I selected a side of the table and went to UV – Planar. In the UV editor I had  to rotate the planar so that it was seeing the correct side of the leg. I clicked on the checkered box at the top which shows the resolution of the image. I had to ensure that all sides were the same. This means that when a texture is added they are all the same size and resolution and will not be stretched.



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