Modelling the Door

I was given the task to model the door. I looked at different Pirate Ships on Google images and on TV. I found that the Captains cabin door was centred on the ship. Sometimes down a few steps or even up, but the door is always position in the middle. Some had double doors some single, depending on the wealth and size of the ship. They were all made of wood and most had some sort of metal decorating them. I came across the image below and liked the look of it. I will be doing something similar to the wood and how it curves at the top. I also liked the metal bars going across.

door ref.jpg

Image Link [ Accessed 28th Oct.2016]

I created the door in different parts. For the wooden panels I started with a cube and resized it to be long vertically and thin like a plank. The faces at the top were rotated in a way that when they are put together they are in a curved shape, as shown in the image below. I added some frames around the door, which would be connected with the hinges. The top frame was corrected using Deform and curve.


Adding a UV map on the wooden panels was easy enough. I selected them individually and because they were a normal rectangle with no extrusions Automatic worked great. I then stitched them together, including the bottom and top. The rest of the door was also straight forward as I had kept to basic shapes.



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