Modelling the Globe

I looked at 17th century globes and researched what pirates would have in there ships, aswell as a map. I noticed the moulded railing style is used even on this, also dark wood. I Googled the globes and noticed the whole page of images where all very similar.


Screen shot from Gooogle Image:  link

So going by what appeared to be the most popular looking globe I made my attempt at creating it. The legs where shaped similar to the table and chairs, using the vertices to scale the shape in and bevel the edges. The circles around the map was created from a polygon shape and resized to my liking.


The UV map was tricky as this was the first time mapping an circular shape. I used the cylindrical UV and stitched some parts together. I then had to use normalise to fix the squares slightly. I hope that this is correct as a map of the world will be textured on to this. The legs where mapped similar to the table and chairs, using planar and stitching what I could together.



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