Modelling a Book

Book Tutorial

Really liked this image I came across. It looks very old time with the leather bound covers. I also like the idea of having books like this stacked on the Captains table, the way there are different sizes and rotated at different angles. I could imagine these books holding information about the pirate journeys or about the places they visit.


Image Link [Accessed 30th Oct.2016]

For our scene we have planned to have a bookcase (which is being modelled by Robert) with all different types of books. I followed the tutorial shown above to create this hard back book. I went for this tutorial because it also shows how to properly UV map it. Also it has an old fashion look to it, with a hard back cover and those curves sticking out along the spine. When the books are added to the scene this can be scaled to different sizes and thickness to look like different types of books.


The book had been made Low poly so the map was not too crazy. I did the cover and the pages separate since they will have different textures, the same with the straps on the spine.




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