Modelling a Cabinet

Since the cabin is also the living quarters for the Captain he would have drawers to keep his personal belongings in. I looked at antique cabinets from the 17th century to see the style. I noticed that almost all of them had round bevelled feet. I seen this image and liked the style of it. Also  the locks on this happened to be very similar to what Rebecca designed on the treasure chest, its a sign! We decided the handles would be round circles like what we saw in another reference.


Image Link [Accessed 30th Oct.2016]

We want one of the drawers to be opened so that we can have cloth hanging out using ncloth, as if it is a clothes drawer. I created the cabinet starting with the cube polygon. I scaled the vertices in and out to get the corner shapes of the top and bottom. I then created edge loops and selected faces to extrude out for the drawers. I used bevel on the drawer edges to give them more shape. The drawer that is opened was extruded out more than the others. I then selected the top face and extrude down to get the inside of the drawer. The legs and handles were created separately.



For the UV map a selected Automatic and it looked pretty good. I started to stitch edges together but there was so many UVs and it started to get distorted I reverted back to automatic, selected layout and normalise. The squares looked well and tidy so hopefully the texture will be fine without it being stitched.



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