Modelling a Telescope

A pirate is a sailor who needs a telescope to see across the great ocean! I was watching pirates of the Caribbean and I noticed Captain Barbossa had a small hand held one that extends out. I took that as reference and made our pirate one.

This was pretty easy to model. I started with a pipe polygon and and extruded the faces making it thicker at the top. I also give it a bevelled round each at the bottom.  I then duplicated the shape, scaling it smaller and placing it next to the bigger shape. I repeated this until I got the look of a telescope that can expand and retract into itself, as show below:



For the UV mapping Automatic seems to work well. I tried to stitch in places but it went distorted and looked better left alone. I selected layout and normalised the squares to get them straight. There is a seam but it can easily be hidden at the bottom of the telescope.



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