Modelling Barrel and Crates

Barrel Tutorial

I used the tutorial above to create the barrel. Starting with a cube polygon I scaled it to be thin and long like a wooden plank. I then duplicated the same plank several times. I combined the ‘planks’ and used the deform Bend to slightly bend them. I then deleted the history and added another deformer, this time curve. I curved the planks of wood in a circle until I got the barrel shape, as shown below:

After the main shape of the barrel was made I put the metal rings around them and also added a lid and bottom. For the crate I kept it very simple, using scaled polygon cubes and positioning them in a box shape (as shown). I wanted the crates to have gaps between the wood so that you can see what it inside them.


Since I kept it to basic cube polygons with no extrusions the UV mapping was quick and easy. Automatic worked really well, all I had to do was stitch the box shapes together.



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