Modelling the scrolls

In the 1600s they would have had scrolls of paper rolled up with a wax stamp or tied with cord. I created the open scroll by starting with a cube polygon, scaled flat and rectangular. I then used the Bend Deformer on both sides to give it that curled scroll look.

For the folded scroll I started with a pipe polygon, scaled the faces to look thin like paper. I extruded edges along the top and bottom and moved them inward to look like the scroll was rolled up several times.

Twisted Rope Tutorial 

I wanted to make a cord wrap around the rolled scroll. I followed the tutorial above to guide me on how to do it. I used the curve tool to make a path for the string to follow, wrapping it around several times. I also used soft selected to scale in the middle of the scroll as if it is being held tightly by the cord.



For the UV mapping I used automatic on the opened scroll. I attempted to stitch but they become distorted. I rotated the shells so that the squares where all going the same direction. As for the twisted cord I have no clue what I am doing there. I used automatic and seen lost of squiggles. I will be asking for advice with this because I am not sure if it is right.




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