Modelling Weighing Scales

We decided that a pirate would need weighing scales to count all their gold, so I looked at some ‘Scales of Justice’. I imagined it would be gold and metallic and also a centre piece on the Captains table. We could even have some coins on it and tilted slightly. I looked at some images for reference.

scale concept.jpg

Image Link [Accessed 30th Oct.2016]

I created the base by scaling the vertices in and out to get the shape. The top of the scales that hold the bowls was made by using the Curve deformer on a long rectangular shape. I made sure there was enough edges for the shape to bend. The bowls which the coins will be set in was made starting with a cube polygon. I selected the smooth tool until it was round. I then selected half the faces and deleted them, then scaled the shape until it was thin. I selected the faces on the bottom of the bowl and moved them up slightly, using scale to give it a flat bottom.


I UV mapped the scale in seperate parts to make it easier since there were different shapes. For the base I used the Planar and stitched the sides together. For the bowls I used Cylindrical and the curve and hanging hooks worked well with using Automatic.





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