Task 3

For Task 3 of Creative Strategies we have been given a choice in what topic we want to do. I was torn between Composition and 3D sculpting, but I have decided to try the sculpting. The reason I went for this is that I find it more interesting to created your own character and re toplogise ready for rigging for animation. I think this would look well in my showreel. I will do compositing at another time or even as a personal project. So for the 3D task here was the criteria given:


  • Highpoly¬†sculpture
  • Re-toplogised mesh suitable for animation
  • HD stills and/or turntable render
  • Give credit to the concept artist on your blog/showreel.

Consider the following:

  1. Character pose and underlying forms
  2. Silhouette
  3. Details
  4. Material/Shader
  5. Topology tools & techniques


I purchased a book in preparation for this task to help me. As well as looking at online tutorials on YouTube or Digital Tutors.




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