Laura Livingstone

Today we had a skype call from Laura Livingstone all the way from San Franciso. Laura is a Los Angeles based VFX Producer and currently works at Zoic Studios overseeing VFX for Banshee (HBO/Cinemax), Arrow (CW Network/Warner Bros), The Bridge (FX), White Collar (Fox) and Flash (CW Network/Warner Bros).

Laura made the transition from physical production to post and VFX in 2009 when she took a post with Industrial, Light and Magic to work on Iron Man 2. Since then Laura has worked on a host of projects from game cinematics, commercials, TV shows to feature films such as Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Flight, Jack and Jill, That’s My Boy, Looper, Underworld Awakening, A Good Day to Die Hard.

Laura is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and a founding member of The Irish VFX & Animation Summit.

She is the Senior producer at Zerply. Even after 15 years of working in the industry she is still constantly learning.


Image Link [Accessed 3 Nov.2016]

Starting out 

Laura did a course  for 4 years doing Communications TV and Film. It was practical and had hands on experience at film making. After that she got an intern in DAT job working in documentaries and film work. She was able to travel all around Europe and gain experience. She felt that she was missing out on film and production. She had been working on about 10 different projects and after 2 years they did not go anywhere. She moved out to San Francisco and realised that post production was the best way to go even though she had no experience, so she started working all over again and became an intern. She got a job doing post production for Iron man 2 where she met Greg. She felt that she benefited being in the animation department and was able to see the different aspects and learnt on the job. She felt that being an intern she was able to be in the same room with all these award winning talented people and was able to see how they worked.

Laura spoke about the pipeline and how communication is past through the company when working on a programme or film. Alot of what she does is problem solving and making sure all the artists are happy and communications are going well. They are very limited with time and it is very important to be fully aware of any issues as soon as possible to correct the problem. “Producers do not like surprises”.

For project management she uses NIM Studio management which is a new program.



  • Industry awareness – Know what everyone is doing and what they are up to. What programs are they using.
  • When applying for job have a knowledge about the company and look up what they do so that you could mention it in interviews.
  • In terms of resume try to get any experiences or mentoring.
  • Networking. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice and surround yourself with other people in the industry.
  • Know your stuff and be familiar with current trends.
  • Do not be afraid of rejection.

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