Final Outcome

After doing a few renders to fix the floating table issue, we have finally got a finished piece! Really happy with the end result it looks great. I will probably have some aspects of this on my showreel and perhaps have time with textured.

The Narrative 

The brief stated we had to create a scene with a narrative and I think we have done just that. The room is set up to look like it is being used, the objects scattered and cluttered. We new what type of pirates we wanted and in what timeline and did alot of research in 17th century styles. We looked at all different types of concepts, videos,movies and games to decide on what items a pirate would possess. At a glance I think it is obvious what this scene is.

This is a good shot of the table and chair where the captain would sit reading his map and counting his money. With the big windows and curtains created by Rebecca it looks really well. I love the reflections in the windows. I am really glad we fixed the table legs since this is like the centre peice and would have been so noticeable! The steps up to the table gives it a nice appeal instead of just a flat room, it also shows just our luxurious our pirate is.


The camera pans over the table so you can see everything the Captain has. We wanted it set out to look like he was just using it. The scales have money and diamonds on it with a slight tilt. The quill is sitting on the scroll as if he was in the middle of writing something, with the ink bottle beside. He has a glass and bottles with different liquids for drinking. We stuck a knife into the map as if he was marking something out and the compass is beside it. The telescope is at arms reach so he can look out the window at anytime. We put some books on the table in a messy pile that he has been reading.


The came pans as if going down the steps and shows a good shot of the globe, aswell as seeing objects on the table at a different angle.


Love the bookcase! Robert modelled the shelves and I came in and rearranged the books and scrolls. Rebecca also added her bottles and gave them a glass texture to break it up abit. Plus  I added a skull and hook to give it a piratey appeal.


Rebecca really did a great job with the weapons rack. She created different styles of swords and a gun and even made a pirate hat! If anyone wasn’t sure who owned this room they would now. My barrels are also in the shot with Roberts lanterns and Potrait. I thought I would make it croaked to look like the room moved alot from stormy seas.


Love this shot when the camera pans over the door. I made Rebecca’s swords in a cross like we saw in many different concepts and pictures of pirate ships. The windows on either side of the door really brings it together.


The bed that I had modelled was positioned into the corner with Rebecca’s Ncloth draped over it to look unmade. Kristina modelled the bedside cabinet and we put things on it that would be at any beside – a candle, watch, books and even an eye batch. Robert modelled an open book that we set on the bed like it was just discarded.


The next shot also has things that would be seen in a ‘bedroom’. It has a chest of drawers with opened doors and clothes hanging out, like he had hurriedly gotten ready. This shot shows the nets that would be hanging on the walls. There are several in this room that would have been used to hold things down if the seas got rocky. Robert modelled a parrot cage that is sitting on top with feathers inside. There is also crates that has lots of bottles the pirate could have purchased for the voyage.


This is probably my favourite piece in the whole room, the treasure chest. Rebecca created this and spent so much time on the design and all the diamonds and coins and chains. The glass texture with the blue tint really makes that pop out. Love it!


This shot is all Kristina. She did great work on the chandelier, the ropes, the beams and the nets. she arranged them all and I think it really added to the theme of a pirate ship.



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