BBC Project – Meet the Team

For this project we have been put into teams of four:

  • Michelle Beggs (me)
  • Niamh Lynn
  • Kirstin Andrews
  • Samantha Quigley

We have been given a script that we must use along with our animation. Our Script is about men not being allowed to work as cabin crew in holiday airline, Dan air in fear of spreading AIDS to passengers. It was learnt that this has been the case for the past thirty years.

The script topic is a delicate  one as it represents sexism and homosexuality. We have to think carefully of what part of this story we want to show visually and make sure it does not offend anyone. I find that even the topic of AIDS is going to be difficult to portray in our animation. This is certainly going to be a challenging project.

The script can be audio or written on the animation, aslong as the script stays the same with no changes or deleted words.


We were also given more details on the topic although we do not need to include this in the script.

more details.JPG


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