BBC Project

In 1940 BBC started archiving everything. Presently BBC has set up a a new website and is currently moving all the archives to another home. The operation will allow them to switch off an obsolete layer of technology, and secure access to the archive for years to come. Below is a screen shot of the old BBC archive website that is no longer being updated.

bbc archives.JPG

Who and what is rewind?

Last year BBC piloted an experimental a taster of ‘Your Story’. This is where you can access the archives and find out what happened on your birthday or another specific day to you. The BBC wants to use this as an opportunity for people to explore the past and be able to easily find information from the past. Below is a screen shot sneak peak of ‘Your Story’. They are also releasing ‘Your Somme’ which is in honour of the 100 year anniversary.


The Challenge 

The BBC has challenges UU animation students to bring to life historical BBC radio news scripts.

The animation with be between 15-60 seconds depending on the script. It should be entertaining for the audience, appealing, quirky and memorable. Some animations may be used on the BBC social media accounts and on the,uk BUT it is also worth 50% of your mark this semester

Story telling 

Think of what should be relevant, what tells the story the most effectively. Have a look at the Heroes Journey or the Inverted pyramid. Most newsworthing – most important fact who, what, where and how? Think of the general background information and pick out would would be necessary to have.

The rules 

  • Language – NO swear words
  • Branding – No branding
  • Taste and decency
  • Do not add or delete words from script
  • Be creative

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