Character Concepts

My confidence in drawing isn’t that great so I wanted to challenge myself for this next task. We had the option to use another artist concept with their permission, but I wanted to do my own character for sculpting. As I am completely new at Zbrush I wanted to keep it simple, aswell as wanting to model a whole body. I have a love for elephants and I was looking at Aaron Blaise’s work who really inspires me. He draws alot of animals and I came across a concept of his that has his own character of a baby elephant.


Image Link [Accessed 9th Oct.2016]

So I thought I would give it a shot doing my own baby elephant characters. I looked at the likes of Dumbo, the elephant from Tarzan and Jungle Book. I also took some inspiration from pictures of real life baby elephants.

I want to practice drawing so I wanted to do a few. I still haven’t decided on the pose I want for the sculpt, but check out these so far… isn’t he cute!

all ellie.png





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