Story Ideas

I have a few ideas for the story for the BBC Project. My team has agreed that it is a very delicate subject and to avoid offending anyone we will not be showing visually anything to do with homosexuals or Aids. We will be concentrating on the sexist side to the story, in that pretty young women were only offered the job to impress business men and to serve. So I have a few stories that I have written down. I will probably do some concepts at a later date but for now I will put them here so that they will be remembered.

Idea 1

Got this idea from our last team meeting thinking of using flash backs on the character who’s dream was to become cabin crew but could not because he was a boy.

“A man stood in the busy airport terminal holding a small luggage bag. He faced the large screen that presented the flight times of departure, in which he read that his plane was delayed yet again. With a sigh of frustration he turned away from the screen. Catching his eye was a sign on the wall reading ‘Recruiting Cabin Crew’. His curious smile faltered when he read the smaller fine print below, ‘Women only’. His eyes grew distant as his mind went back to his childhood years.
(As a boy)
He sat on his bed clutching his favourite toy plane, flying it high over his head in circular motion making silly engine noises. His room had been filled with flying vehicles back then, and his love for planes never left him
(Back to present)
The man looked away from the sign and put a hand in his pocket, pulling out a small, battered plane. With a sad smile he looked back at the sign, his expression turning to puzzlement as a crew member sticks another sign over the small print, ‘All is welcome’. The man grins widely, glancing at the plane one last time before putting it back in his pocket and marching with determination towards the recruiting office.”

Idea 2

I had inspiration with the movie Spider-Man 3 when Peter Parker walks down the street with new found confidence. Its pretty funny and I thought we could play about with the character heading down the aisle doing something similar, winking at the ladies going past, fixing his tie confidently. As the Audio reads the script there could be catchy music in the back ground. When the script states that the company is changing the policy the character could reach the door were he stands facing a big security guy. The character lifts up a paper saying Policy change smugly. The security guy smiles and steps aside allow him into the recruitment office.

Idea 3 

Following the idea of having a big security guard, he could act like the “policy” that doesn’t let him through the door to the recruitment office. We could have abit of a comical approach and use exaggeration with the character doing all he can to make him move. Until the script reads that the policy will be changed will he move out of the way and open the door to the recruitment office.

idea 4 

I think my first idea might be too long for the script. So I thought of another way to use the flash back idea. The character could be sitting staring sadly towards the door and sign that says no men. The camera could be slowly panning towards his sad face and that’s when we get a flash back when he was a young boy on board a plane and watching the cabin crew work. When the script reads the policy will be changing a woman walks past him and changes the sign, it ends with his wide grin.

(Adding the video since I was listening to it when I envisioned the idea 😛 )

Idea 5 

The character would start off as a child in a sit in the aeroplane. We could use the image of the inside of Dan air for the design reference. The child could be sitting backwards on the chair looking over the back (as kids do) staring at the cabin crew working with awe. The camera will be on the child and the screen would fade in and out quickly to reveal the boy as a man still sitting on the chair with a longing expression. He will turn back around on his sit just as the script mentions the promise of the policy change. That’s when he will notice a sign on the plane stating recruitment, all is welcome, were he will smile happily.

Idea 6

After reading about the history of planes and discovering that men originally only worked in the cabin (although they didn’t serve drinks etc) as it was seen as a ‘masculine job’. The character could be working on the ground with the planes navigating them into position with his neon lights. He could be watching woman cabin crew getting on the plane looking jealous. I was thinking of having the character interact with the reporter talking, so as the audio speaks his expressions could relate to them. When the audio talks about promises to change the policy the character could break the fourth wall and look at screen/ audience with disbelief and then gets all excited.


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