What is Discrimination?

Since Dan Air refused to hire male cabin crew this falls under discrimination, so what exactly is it? Samantha came across this in an article:

Discrimination means treating a person unfairly because of who they are or because they possess certain characteristics. If you have been treated differently from other people only because of who you are or because you possess certain characteristics, you may have been discriminated against.

The Equality Act 2010 highlights 9 protected characteristics:

  1. Age
  2. Gender
  3. Race
  4. Disability
  5. Religion
  6. Pregnancy and maternity
  7. Sexual orientation
  8. Gender reassignment
  9. Marriage and civil partnership

Discrimination that occurs because of one or more of the above characteristics is unlawful under the Equality Act. Considering every person has at least some of these characteristics such as age, race or gender, the Act protects every person from being discriminated against.

If you are treated unfavourably because someone thinks you belong to a particular group of people with protected characteristics, this is also unlawful discrimination.

Reference [Accessed 10th Nov.2016]

exism is a broad term that describes a number of occurrences, actions, attitudes and beliefs. The purist form of sexism is an attitude that women are inferior to men. The idea comes from a variety of sources such as skewed religious beliefs, parental conditioning, peer pressure, distorted workforce politics and more. The sexism definition describes discrimination, prejudice and stereotyping because of a person’s sex. The dictionary can define sexism as gender bias, chauvinism, gender prejudice and sexual discrimination, as well. However, sexism is not limited to male views about females. Sexist women exist, and sexism against men exists.

Reference [Accessed 10th Nov.2016]



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