Story Board Concept

I am not great at explaining ideas so I did a quick rough storyboard to show my team visually the story concept I have been thinking about.

With this concept I thought more of the timing of the narration after receiving the audio that we will be used for our animation. I was hoping that Samantha would be able to do our audio as she has a very strong presenting voice that would sound professional, so hopefully we can ask if this can be done.

So for this concept it follows the story idea based on the Spider man walk from my previous post. I have written the audio in red when those words would be said during the scene and action. I wanted there to be anticipation on this scene, so the audience would wonder who the person is walking along the airport. The reactions of the crowd would intrigue it even more. It isn’t until the end will you discover it is a man applying for the job as cabin crew just as the reporter says there will be a change in policy. To make it more obvious that he is heading towards a recruitment office I thought it would be good to have the sign in neon lights. One of the lights could be flashing/ broken to draw the attention of the audience so that they would read it.

story board rough.jpg


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