Researching Character design

During the summer I purchased a character design course created by artist Aaron Blaise from . This course gives so many great tutorials and advice on creating a character.

When asked to create a character the very first step that Aaron Blaise takes is read the script. He wants to fully understand the character that he is creating to help him visualise their design . He wants to learn their personality and interests, what they do throughout the story etc.

There are also tutorials of how he creates characters without a specific guide or if he is drawing a blank. He would have a whole page fills with different characters he has doodled until he finds one he likes before finalising the design.

Image link

Looking at different character styles 

For this animation, if we were going to go with human characters they would need to be simplified, we don’t want them too complex that we struggle but at the same time we want to challenge ourselves! I had a look at some different animation movies and other artist work for some inspiration in the characters. We still have to tweak the story abit before finalising but there are a few characters that we are certain to include. This is the man applying for the job, a young bog watching with admiration, the female cabin crew and the receptionist.

I looked at different styles for the little boy. The boy from ‘UP’ has a very round shape on his face and body. There is nothing too complicated on his features but his expressions are still well read.

Image link

I came across this next image from an Artist blog. I like the idea of the simple body form. Her legs are like stomps with a slight point at the bottom for shoes. Her arms are fat and baby like with simple hands that shows young and innocence.

Image link

This next image I came across on pinterest. What I like about this is the head shape. Simple and round, with round ears low on the head. The eyes are also round. I think roundness gives a childlike look that would be perfect for the young boy.

Image link

This next character was designed for a plane movie. I love the goggles and clothes he is wearing. If we want to make the little boy look like he loves planes, this could be a good way of showing it. Again the character has a round face and big round eyes. I like the idea of having his front teeth on show aswell.

Image link

Still keeping to simplistic designs, I was looking at ‘THE BOOK OF LIFE’ characters

Image link

For the female characters I was looking at simplistic designs and some fun shapes for the body.

Image Link
Image link

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