Final Character Concepts

After doing a slight tweak on the main character after some feedback, Naimh design the two characters that will be in our animation.

The main character is the man that wants to apply for a job as cabin crew. In the BBC report the real reason they do not want to employ men is because they do not want gay men working for them. However, we did not want to stereotype the character in fear of offending someone, so the character is fairly plain as far as character personality goes, but not too boring.


The receptionist is a different story. We wanted her to be the embodiment of the policy that does not allow men to work as cabin crew. She has been like this for the past 30 years (which is in accordance with the script) so she is a middle aged woman. She is stern looking and takes no nonsense. I love how Niamh took some characteristics from the Slug woman from monsters inc. Niamh wanted her to be a little hard  to look at, which really shows in her very coloured and umm unique outfit and make up. The policy is ridiculous, so we show that through her.



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