Marion Strunck

Marion Strunck is ajunior animator currently working at Framestore. In January 2015 she graduated from The Animation Workshop with my Bachelorfilm “Parrot Away”


She did 3 years in university in Denmark. 1 year 2D animation and 2 years doing 3Danimation. Her university focused more on cartoon animation. During that time she discovered she preferred more realism which she made sure to add in her work. After University she applied for many different companies until she got an interview with Framestore. She got a job as junior animator and worked on the birds in Paddington bear. From then til now she has worked on different films such as Jungle Book and Fantastic beast.

She would first be briefed on the character she would be animating and shown storyboards. The blocking stage would already be done in high quality. She works with a large team that are stationed in different places and are from all around the world. She would get feed back from several supervisors

She works with large companies like Warner bros and Marvel studios so there would be alot of security involved in preventing any leaks.

Visual effects take alot of time during the process and polishing the shots. She has found she would spend about 3 months in one shot. Even though the end result is beautiful you still need alot of patience. When going into the industry it is important to know what you would like to do.

When making a reel it should reflect what you like to do, as this would give the employer an idea of your skills and what you enjoy. It is good if you can adjust your real depending on the job you or film you are applying to work for so that it relates.

In the effects position it can be a little challenging because by the time it gets to the effects team the story board and plot has already been decided so there is not alot of freedom to do any changes that you might think would benefit.

If you find an artist you admire and like their work it is good to follow up on them with social media etc. It may be good to learn how they got to there position and if it could help you.

In animation, imagination is the limit. If you have a good idea and you execute that idea people will start talking about it. This can really help getting into the industry if you put your work out there. If you have a certain style that you are really good at and is unique to you, a company may hire you for your style.

The jump from University and working in the industry was a huge difference. She felt that there was a big learning curve and she had to step up and almost force herself to learn more to keep up with the company.

When going for an interview Marion was asked if she thought companies looked for a certain aspect in you. She advised that when going for an interview it is important to know about the company and the what they have worked on. If  you can, bring it up in the interview it shows that you are passionate about that company you want to apply for.

BYOA Bring your own animation – in london it is a network meet up where you can bring your animations and show others your work.


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