Change of Plan

After discussing with Mike our story concept it became apparent that it would not visually represent the story of the BBC script. Mike believed that we were relying too much on the audio to explain what was going on when it should be clear from just watching. So with this in mind we scrapped the idea of the young boy and then the man trying to get through the door. In hindsight and after discussing it with several class mates I can see where the confusion could be.

New Plan! Mike give an example of showing alot of woman in the room waiting on getting the job and only one man. I questioned that it would be too much work if we had to model all those people and he suggested just showing the legs. I had an idea of them sitting in a row in the waiting room, the camera panning across all these woman in short skirts and heels then it would come to a pair of legs in trousers and sitting like a dude. The camera would then zoom in and pan up at the mans face, who is the main character. He has been waiting there a while and no one has called him so he approaches the desk to ask what is going on, to which he is ignored. He notices that women are entering the recruitment room and questions this. The receptionist would point to a sign that says woman only. The next part I found tricky as there is not alot of time to get the point across that they are going to change there policy. I discussed with my team and there was several ideas with someone changing the sign, or the sign falling of the wall etc. We evidently went with the sign being changed by the receptionists after giving in to the persistent man. This will happen at the same time as the audio explaining about policy change.

We will have a story board/ animatic and a 3D priv done for Tuesdays presentation, hopefully the narrative will be clearer to the audience.



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