Today we presented our ideas and concepts to the class and the BBC.


After our introduction we started off with showing the 2D Animatic


After showing the animatic Samantha explained our initial ideas of the animation and why we decided to change. Our original idea doing birds as characters was asked about, wanting to explain why we went with humans. I tried to explain how we would have trouble with making it obvious that he is a ‘boy bird’ and getting the point across to the audience that it is about sex discrimination. Also we were worried it would cause us trouble down the line when it came to rigging and animating such a complex character. Samantha also spoke about the idea of having time transition from a young boy to and older man who always wanted to be cabin crew. She explained how this idea relied too much on the audio to explain what was happening instead of visually. bbc-rewind-2

Samantha then spoke about our story inspirations and how we looked at other sex discrimination movies. We found that it was mostly woman being discriminated which is still the case this day, as cabin crew woman are forced to wear very tight fitting uniform, mostly short skirts and high heels. This is why we wanted to include the legs in our animation.


I spoke about how we finally came to our final character design that Niamh created. Although homosexuality is mentioned in the report we did not want to stereotype our character, so we made him quite plain. As for the receptionist, she is the embodiment of the policy. She is stubborn and takes no nonsense and has been that way for many years (which is why she is middle ages). She looks like a character that would be tough and not so easily swayed. When she finally gives in that would be resembling the policy change.


Aids was a big scare in the 80s so it wasn’t very hard to find inspirational posters. I had a look at several and created our own using some of these for examples.


Using the references we will have these posters and leaflets scattered around the reception room so that they are visually in the animation.


To end our presentation we showed our 3d animatic.



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