Learning to 3D sculpt

I have absolutely no experience on Zbrush and if I am honest I was pushing back doing task 3 because I it seems a little over whelming. I began by watching a few tutorials for beginners on YouTube. The book that I purchased on Zbrush creatures was for people with a little experience, so I will look back at it further down the line when I have better understanding. Below are just some of the video tutorials I watched. I started learning about the layout of zbrush and how to navigate. I then learnt the different brushes and what they do, taking notes. I took some time with just a simple sphere and practiced using these brushes.

After a while I discovered that my reluctance to start my sculpting was silly, and Zbrush was actually really enjoyable. I moved on from a sphere and started making shapes using the Zsphere which I found really helpful when wanting to create limbs etc. Another way of creating a shape was having and image plane. The sphere turned transparent and using the move brush I was able to shape it into the silhouette of the reference. I used Dynamesh with this and added more polygons so that it did not stretch too much.




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