Sculpting an elephant

Since I plan to do a stylised elephant I was lucky enough to come across a tutorial creating an elephant in Zbrush. Isaac Oster was kind enough to do a 5 part video tutorial from start to finish showing how he created his elephants. This was so helpful and I learnt so much watching his videos.

To begin with I used the Z sphere and roughly created the shape of the elephant. Hitting ‘A’ and then shift F allowed me to see the mesh shape of the elephant and look at the topology, ensuring that there was no clipping or polygons out of shape. From that point I started using the Move brush to shape out the elephant.



From here I started using the Clay tube brush to build up shape. I looked at references of a baby elephant to see what muscles or bones were more pronounced. I started giving more detail in the face using build up and flatten aswell as smooth. For the creases I used Dam-standard brush. To make the wave shape on the ears I used the inflate brush. The eyes I brought in separately as sphere and placed them in the head.

For this to be my very first sculpt ever I am rather pleased with myself, and have found something that I thoroughly enjoy.



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