Update: Feedback

Alec looked at my elephant that I have created so far and give some feedback . Looking at my concept design reference he noticed that the legs do not have the same thickness around the ankles. It actually makes the elephant look older. For myself to look at the reference I actually seen a big difference in the size of the trunk. So for the next stage I will give the legs added fatness and little chubby ankles like a babies. I will make the nose smaller to the likeness of the reference image. Overall I add more detail and perhaps start looking at textures or materials.


Another attempt and sculpting an elephant. I began with the same method, using the Zsphere. This time I wanted to make the head higher, as the other attempt looked like the elephant was looking down or hunched over. I got some feedback from my class mates in the last attempt, and they suggested having the legs closer together. Also the brow was a little too low and made the character look angry. I looked at the elephant references again and noticed  that baby elephants are quite skinning, considering how big there bellys get when they are older.

Image Link 

My own design of the character has more of a chubby look. When I see a toddler I love how they have there round belly’s and chubby arms, wrists and legs. I wanted to bring that more into the character.elephant-4




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