Modelling a telephone

The receptionist would need a telephone to make and receive calls. Back in the 80s they had telephones with cables ‘gasps’. So I took reference with the image below and created our own. This telephone will be sitting on the desk infront of the receptionist.

Image Link 

I made the base of the phone by starting with a cube and moving the vertices to create the shape similar to the reference photo. The cord was created using the deformer twist. I did want the twist a little bit tighter but I had problems moving the cord around the phone, so I make it less twisty.


UV Mapping 

For the buttons the same applied for the telephone as they computer keyboards. I made sure it was clear which faces were for the numbers. The base of the phone was UV mapped using automatic then I stitched the sides together where appropriated. The same went for the handle.



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