Modelling a Computer

For the receptionist desk we wanted to have a computer. Since it was the late 1980’s I researched what offices looked like at this time. Computers where very big and bulky and I wanted to model a computer that would have been used during this time.  I took reference from a BM PC 5150 (image below)

1980s computer.jpg
Image link 

I made sure that the monitor was bulky and there was a floppy disk slot on the computer. Here is a rendered image of my computer. This was originally made for the rough 3D animatic, but my team was happy enough to use it for the final thing.


UV Mapping

After getting into UV mapping from our scene assignment I felt that I was able to UV map alot better and had better understand on stitching. Even though alot of our models will have all one colour I still Mapped everything for practice and incase we decided to add a little more detail. For the computer I stitched different parts to make it easier. The back and the frame are one. The inner frame is another and the box shape that holds the button are seperate. This way the map is easier to understand.  The base of the computer looked simple but I had to take into account the extrusions of the vents and the floppy disk slot. So for this I stitched the base together and the vents and disk slop separately.



I knew that the keyboard buttons UV map had to be accurate so that the position of the letters are correct. I used automatic which works well and stitched the whole button up as one, ensuring the the squares where not warped where the letters or numbers will be.



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