Presentation on Progress and Feedback


After we presented our progress we got some feedback on how we could improve and things we should consider moving forward. There was also some positive feedback in regards to the changes we had made from the last presentation, such as timing and putting the reason of the policy change across more clear. Things we should change:

  • Scaling: Make sure the objects in the room are to scale with the character
  • Bookcase: A magazine rack would be more appropriate for a waiting room than a bookcase.
  • Textures: The dark wood on the tables and desk are a little too dark, and look more like an ‘Mans club’.
  • Moles: Only have one character with the mole on the face not both.

The characters have alot of emotions and expressions coming across in the animatic and we want to try and keep that in our animation. We will be using blend shapes for each expression.


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