Topology Issues

We wanted  to have the character Ross fully topologised for the next presentation infront of the BBC. In Zbrush I used the Zremesher that fixes the topology on the mesh and brings the polypoints down to a more appropriate number. I used the Zbrush guide lines that will tell the software where I want to loops to be in certain areas, especially the face:


For some reason the remesher did not give the correct to topology around the mouth, which is meant to be more looped. To fix this I had to make the mesh live and use Quad draw to create the topology I want.


I tried to just fix it around the mouth but I found it hard to find a connection with the accurate loops, so I ended up recreating the whole head using quad draw.


I ended up making it a little higher poly than I planned when I was following the old head topology, but it should be ok.



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