Mixamo Rig

Due to time restraints we are allowed to use an automatic Rig for our characters. For this we will be using Mixamo.

This website is great and all you need is an Adobe Cloud Subscription. Once our models are retopologised in Maya I exported the file out as an OBJ.


All you need to do is upload your OBJ into Mixamo. You are giving pointers to mark ourt areas such as the chin, wrists and knees. Mixamo automatically makes the rig. You can look at how your character moves by using the animations already set (below). which you can also download if you want. When you are happy with the character rig you download the file as a FBX.


The Mixamo script can be downloaded and added onto Maya in the script editor. It is just a matter of importing the FBX file of the character and clicking one button!


Some issues 

The rig for Ross seemed to work really great but Edna was a different story. I think because she had such a bigger body mass the weights needed fixing. But not only that, the rig on her fingers where completely wrong. I tried putting her through mixamo again but the result was the same. With not alot of time left there is no time to manually do her rig fingers so we are going to keep her hands in the same position (holding the newspaper) throughout.



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