As part of the assignment we had to retopolgising our elephant low poly. I retopologised using the Zremesher in Zbrush. I used the guide brush to mark our any loops I wanted in the mesh or try to fix where  it didn’t quite retop correctly. Once I was happy enough with the retop I projected the detail of the high poly onto the low poly also in Zbrush. Below are the images of the low poly.



Once the mesh is low poly, even with project it still loses alot of the detail. To fix this I baked the high poly detail onto the low poly. Firstly the sculpt had to be UV Mapped. I did this by using the UV master in zbrush. I then I was able to do this in Maya after I exported the sculpt out of Zbrush as an OBJ.

UV mapped in Zbrush


UV map shown in graph editor

Below is the two meshs after I have baked them. They both look the same detail but the one on the right is high poly with over 3 million polys and the left is low poly with below 10 thousand polys.



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