Animating Edna

Edna unfortunately had so many issues with her Rig that she was unable to do alot of movement. Her sculpt was made very late on and we didn’t have time to correct the rig ourselves since Mixmo would not do it properly. Luckily she is just sitting at her desk the whole time.


A big issue with her rig was the fingers. As you can see from the image below the rig seemed to just put the controls on the one finger and I could barely move her hand in the position to hold the newspaper. Because of this issues we had to think about removing the scene that she points to the sign and also turning the sign around. To replace this we will just be moving her head to look at the sign.


BUT then we came to another problem,  her left eye that was rigged didn’t have a good texture as the UV map was wrong. This is because it was the high poly texture going onto the low poly mesh. I had the same issues with Ross but I was able to move the UV shell and I got it in the right place. With Edna’s right eye was able to get into the right position but the left could not. The part where the pupil was meant to go was in the seam of the UV map. I tried remapping it but when I moved her head the texture warpped. I couldn’t rotate the eye because once the head moved the eye left the socket!

There is only two days until hand in and I don’t have time to retop and rerig Edna with the better eye. Since we have until the end of January to get this completely finished I will work on Edna more. For now I have to make do with some eye movements and blendshape expressions with her head not moving.



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