Creative Strageties Reflection

Looking back at all the assignments related to this module I can honestly say that I have learnt so much. From the walk cycles I have gotten more confident and better with animating using a rig. The next part of that task was to create a scene modelling in Maya. My team made a pirate cabin which I really enjoyed doing. This has gotten me confident in my modelling ability and also introduced us to UV mapping. In a way I think that part of the module would have been very helpful in first year. The next part was when we had to pick which subject we wanted, for this I went for sculpting in Zbrush. For this task I found it very enjoyable learning Zbrush and sculpting for the first time. However I must admit with everything else going on I kept putting this assignment off or only working on it for short periods a time. I regret not working on this more as I would have liked to explore more detail and adding materials and poly paint. During our time off before next semester starts I will be looking more into Zbrush and am going to try and do a sculpting piece for my show reel, giving it more of my time and effort. Although I can’t say I didn’t learn anything. This task has got me familiar with Zbrush layout and the different brushes. I have learnt about dynamesh and the importance of topology for animation. I have also learnt about baking and how that is used with very low poly models that are used for games. So with that in mind this task has been a good start to my Zbrush learning experience.

The animation assignment was given to us from the BBC. At first I didn’t like this assignment as I felt we were limited to what we could do for the animation and also our storyline that we had to work with was ridiculous. Not employing guys because of aids but really didn’t want gay men working for them? Seriously. Just no.  So to begin with I wasn’t keen but like everything I try my best. As this is only my second animation ever, when looking back at our first it is clear how much more we included in this and how we were ambitious. I mean first year characters looked like a bean bag, this time we did real people. With the first task of walk cycles and modelling it got us prepared better for this task. We still ran into problems and wanted to pull my hair out a few times but in the end I really like the finished result. Overall I fell this module has been a great learning experience and has grown my confidence on Maya.



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